Different Types OF Home Security Systems


Keeping your family and home safe from intruders is very important in today’s times. The number of crimes reported has been going up steadily, making it a necessity to install some kind of security system to keep your loved ones safe. Several firms like The Installers offer their expertise in setting up a home security system that is foolproof. According to the experts at www.theengineer.co.uk, there are four different types of security systems to choose from. Let’s take a look at them:

· Monitored Systems
Although this is one of the most popularly used security systems, it comes with its own set of pros and cons. Once triggered, this security system will immediately alert a call center which in turn alerts the local police. Since this system works via a telephone line, it is unable to place the alert in case the intruders are smart enough to cut the phone line. However, security companies have come forward with a solution for this issue by using alternatives to contact the call center like a cellular phone or radio. Since the monitored home system requires the service of a 24/7 call center, it can prove to be a tad more expensive than the other systems.

· Unmonitored System
Similar to a monitored system, this alarm is also set off when the alarm is tripped. However, rather than alerting the police, this system issues a loud alarm, alerting your neighbors and the people nearby about the intrusion. Since you do not require 24/7 monitoring via a call service, this system is considerable cheaper. Some unmonitored systems also come with flashing lights and a loud alarm to scare away potential burglars or intruders.

· Wireless Alarm Systems
A wireless alarm system is quite easy to install. You can also modify it according to the requirements of your home. There are several accessories like cameras, beams, sensors and so on that can be added to make a wireless home security system more secure. However, you need to be careful that the distance between the cameras and the sensors isn’t too much. You will also need to replace the batteries regularly to make sure they are in running condition.

· Electric Current Home Alarm
This type of home security system is usually integrated within the building structure. It has the ability to monitor windows and doors. They are a great addition to you have young kids at home who have a habit of running outdoors every chance they get. If you are planning on using this type of home security system, you will need to plan it in advance when you are constructing your home to get the full benefit of it.

At the end of the day, it is important to remain vigilant and cautious at all times. Several times crimes have been prevented when people noticed unfamiliar faces loitering around their homes for too long and so on. Professionals in the security industry advice being careful even with top notch security systems. After all, the safety of your loved ones is worth all the trouble in the world.

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